Crime prevention references

United Nations


Secretary-General of United Nations: Report of the independant expert for the United Nations study on violence against children

Secretary-General of United Nations: In-depth study on all forms of violence against women


United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

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United Nations Economic and Social Council: Guidelines for the Prevention of Urban Crime

World Health Organization

Preventing violence: a guide to implementing the recommendations of the World Report on Violence and Health . Geneva: Author.


World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention. Geneva: Author.

The economic dimensions of interpersonal violence. Geneva: Author.

World report on violence and health . Geneva: Author.

International Centre for the Prevention of Crime

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National Research Council (U.S.)

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Chalk, R. & King, P. (eds)Violence in families: assessing prevention and treatment program.Washington: National Academy Press.

Other sources

Waller, I., Kirvan, M.-A., Bania, M. & Léonard, L. (2005). Strategies for successful crime prevention: a handbook on the implementation of the United Nations Guidelines for the Prevention of Crime. Manuscript submitted for publication.



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