Le débat sur les politiques linguistiques au Canada et en Europe

Textes des présentateurs

Présentateurs Titres Textes
Pierre Anctil Renascent Languages and Emerging Languages: A Comparison Between Israel and Quebec PDF
Keith Battarbee Three times Eleven: An Exploration of Official Language Policy in Three Multilingual Jurisdictions PDF
Julie Bernier EU Economic Integration and National Language Policies: An Overlooked Tension PDF
Marie-Joie Brady Language Policies, Inclusion and Exclusion – Commentary PDF
Robert Dunbar The Challenges of a Small language: Gaelic in Scotland, with a Note on Gaelic in Canada PDF
Rolf Ekéus Speaking the Language of Integration: the Role of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities PDF
Jürgen Erfurt Language policy at the heart of a ‘global actor': ‘la Francophonie' PDF
Dmitry Gorenburg Tatar Language Policies in Comparative Perspective: Why Some Revivals Fail and Some Succeed PDF
François Grin New Constitution, New Legislation? Language Policy in the « Swiss Exception » PDF
Kristin Henrard Emerging Common European Standard Concerning the Protection of Linguistic Diversity / Linguistic Minorities PDF
Volodymyr Kulyk Language Politics in a Multilingual Society: Ukraine in Comparative Perspective PDF
Will Kymlicka The Political Purposes of Language Policies: Commentary on Battarbee and Bernier PDF
Jean Laponce The Governance of Minority Languages: Principles and Exceptions PDF
Stephen May Language Policies and Public Policy: Theoretical Perspectives - Commentary PDF
Janet Muller Monitoring Language Policies
Irish Language Policy: Seven years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement
Patrick Stevenson Language Policy and the Social Inclusion: Language, Migration and Citizenship in Europe PDF
John Walsh Language Planning and Socio-Economic Development in Ireland: Towards an Integrated Framework? PDF
Grégoire Webber Monitoring Language Policies - Commentary PDF
Colin Williams A Celtic Trio with Universal Application - Commentary PDF
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