Jennifer Brunet

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Jennifer Brunet
Professeur à l'Université d'Ottawa

Courriel professionnel :

Dre. Jennifer Brunet


Recognizing that physical activity is a key component for successful cancer prevention and treatment, Dr. Brunet’s goal is to reduce the growing burden of cancer in Canada through physical activity. Her research interests are focused on understanding the psychological and social influences that influence people’s physical activity motivation and behaviour in order to advance knowledge on how to increase physical activity participation among people diagnosed with cancer.Consequently, she has used this knowledge to inform and design interventions aimed at promoting physical activity to enhance the quality of life of people diagnosed with cancer and lessen the likelihood of them dying from cancer. She is also interested in understanding the benefits of physical activity participationamong people diagnosed with cancer. She has therefore led a number of projects aimed at testing the physical, psychological, and physical benefits of physical activity during and after cancer treatment. In addition, she is working to develop evidence-based materials and guidelines to share knowledge that supports people in making healthy choices that will help them recover from cancer.

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